Average salary in Ukraine – the Cabinet has changed the calculation procedure

As noted in the explanatory note to the project, there is now a mechanism for accounting for bonuses and other payments that are paid for two months or more, when calculating the average salary.

At the same time, there are numerous appeals from representatives of medium and large businesses who have a large number of employees (the number of employees can reach tens of thousands) about unjustifiably aggravating administration of the calculation.

The government decided that the amounts of accrued wages, except for bonuses and other incentive payments, are taken into account in the month for which they were accrued and in the amount in which they were accrued, without excluding the amounts of deductions for taxes.

According to the document, bonuses based on the results of work for a certain period are taken into account in the earnings of the period, which corresponds to the number of months for which they were accrued, starting from the month in which they were accrued.



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