Available December, Jabra Earbuds Elite 85t Perfect for Gifts …


JAKARTAJabra presenting Elite 85tdesigned without compromise on sleek design or maximum comfort. True wireless earbudsit was built to break the boundaries of how much noise a pair can remove true wireless earbuds.

The Elite 85t features Jabra’s most advanced and powerful ANC technology, without compromising on its size or signature design and all-day wear comfort. “With this audio product, there is no compromise in design or hidden comfort, no compromise in the experience of phone calls or listening to music, and no compromise in the effectiveness of ANC,” claims Louis Sudarso, Country Sales Manager, Consumer, Jabra Indonesia.

Jabra Advanced ANC
The newest addition to the Elite series, the Jabra Elite 85t, comes with a tiered Jabra Advanced ANC noise-cancelling one step ahead of what the Jabra standard ANC offers. The dual chipset on the earbuds provides strong ANC capability as well as optimal sound processing.

“These are the smallest earbuds offering premium ANC to create your own quiet space and feature HearThrough to keep you listening – both features are fully customizable with an extra focus on natural sound performance and limited occlusion (clogging / closing), via a semi-open design and some ANC microphones, “said Louis.

With more and more people wanting flexibility in making and receiving phone calls, earbuds The Jabra Elite 85t offers exceptional call quality to both the user and the recipient of the call, with 6-microphone technology (three in each ear, two on the outside, one on the inside).

Louis said, protection against wind noise has been improved. This allows the user to properly make calls anywhere.

Microphone on the inside and outside earbuds used to complement the Jabra Advanced ANC, which is able to better suppress noise, filtering out more noise at all frequencies. The flexibility of the Jabra Advanced ANCTM is more than just a solution on/off, as it can be adjusted with multiple sliders from full ANC to full HearThrough, or anywhere in between.

“This means the Jabra Elite 85t offers a more personalized experience so users can take control of their surroundings,” claims Louis.

Semi-Open Design
Lousi said the 12mm speaker allows the Jabra Elite 85t to produce big sound and powerful bass, while increasing comfort and reducing ear pressure with a semi-open design. Jabra has adapted ear gel (ear gel) into an oval shape so that it sticks better in the ear.


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