Autopsy Revealed How Air Force Pilot Died – Together

The autopsy of Gonzalo Britos Venturini, the Area Force pilot who died when his plane crashed in the Villa Valeria area (Córdoba), reported that the young man ceased to exist before touching the ground due to an injury that caused the effect of acceleration and the force of gravity.

According to some details that came out, the death was caused by damage to the bone marrow minutes after the pilot could eject from the A-4AR.

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The consequence of death was a “dislocation and complete section of the bone marrow of the cervical spine”.

The autopsy was performed in the morgue of the San Antonio de Padua Hospital in the city of Río Cuarto and was carried out by Dr. Ana Laura Peiovich.

The report states that the action of the G forces were the ones that caused the death.

It should be remembered that the plane belonged to the 5th Villa Reynolds Air Brigade, of the Argentine Air Force.

Report by Víctor Rapetti.

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