Autopsy Results of Police Officer Reveal Multiple Drugs at ‘Collective Drug Shooting’ Incident

Autopsy Results of Police Officer Reveal Multiple Drugs at ‘Collective Drug Shooting’ Incident


The results of the police officer’s autopsy were released a month after the incident in which a serving police officer died in an apartment where more than 20 people gathered to do drugs.

More than four types of drugs were detected.

Reporter Kim Young-hoon reports.


The final results of the autopsy by the National Forensic Service, released after a month, of a police officer from the Gangwon Police Agency who died after falling at a ‘collective drug shooting’ site in Yongsan, Seoul, revealed that drugs were detected in the police officer’s urine, hair, and blood.

There are at least four types, including methamphetamine, ketamine, ecstasy, and new drug substances.

In particular, an analogue of phencyclidine (PCP), called ‘crystal ice’ or ‘angel dust’, was found in the deceased police officer.

It is a new drug that was developed as a surgical anesthetic, but its use was discontinued due to serious side effects such as suicidal thoughts.

This powder was also detected in a large company employee named Lee, who was arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs, and in a glass bowl found at the scene.

The police believe that the deceased police officer and Mr. Lee took the entire drug.

There is a possibility that this drug may have been the cause of the police officer’s fall.

The final opinion of the National Forensic Service autopsy doctor is that the direct cause of death of the police officer was ‘fatal injury due to strong blunt force’ and that he died after falling from a height of 14 stories.

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Police Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun expressed regret that the police were involved in a group drug gathering and said he would come up with an internal control plan.

As the final autopsy results are released, attention will be paid to whether additional measures will be announced.

[윤희근/경찰청장/지난 4일 : “나중에 대책이 준비되면 말씀드릴게요. 아직 수사가 진행 한참 중이잖아요. 나중에 그때 물으세요.”]

The police additionally confirmed that three more people were present at the drug gathering site on the day of the incident, and booked them on drug charges.

So far, the number of people attending this meeting has increased to 25.

This is Kim Young-hoon from KBS News.

Cinematographer: Jong-won Hwang Hyun-kyung Kang / Video editor: Chan-eui Han / Graphics: Hyun-soo Yeo and Hong-geun Lim

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