Autonomous Utility Vehicles Ready to Pavement in Seoul Next October

JAKARTA – Autonomous utility vehicles will take to the streets of the western Sangam district of Seoul, South Korea in early October, the city government said on Tuesday (July 20th).

A new Seoul city government regulation on operating special zones to host an autonomous utility vehicle pilot project went into effect on Tuesday in an effort to help speed the commercialization of driverless cars in the city.

Under the rules, Seoul plans to introduce a variety of paid public transport services based on autonomous vehicles, such as autonomous buses.

This includes short-haul transport services available for use through the mobile app, as well as special transport services. disabled passengers in wheelchairs throughout Sangam district.

Prior to law enforcement, city officials in December designated up to 24 roads in Sangam, together covering about 6.2 square kilometers, as special areas to accommodate autonomous transport services.

With the aim of starting the service scheduled for October, the city of Seoul will start recruiting autonomous transport service operators by the end of July.

In addition, the city government will be establishing a steering committee responsible for safety regulations next month to help the service run smoothly.

The Seoul city government is also planning to dedicate part of the city’s public parking lot to a pilot project, to help alleviate parking problems.

“We will transform Seoul into an innovative city with a next generation transportation system by advancing the commercialization of driverless vehicles,” said Baek Ho, a senior Seoul official in charge of urban transportation, as quoted by the Korea Times on the 20th. July.

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