Autonomous University of Querétaro to host second Festival of Street Artists in 2023

The second Festival of Street Artists UAQ 2023, organized by the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ), through the Secretary of University Extension (SECU), will take place on next Saturday June 3 at the skatepark located on Plateros street, Peñuelas neighborhood, belonging to the Epigmenio González Delegation, from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

In this sense, Patricia Adriana Corral Campuzano, Cultural Manager of the SECU, the purpose of organizing a meeting of this nature -with various urban filmmakers and filmmakers- is to show the general population the talent that emerges in the community, that emerges from neighborhood, with the accompaniment of the Maximum House of Studies of the entity.

May the University embrace art in all its diversity and may society know a little more about all the ingenuity that we find in Querétaro. The UAQ does a very important job in this sense, because it accompanies them and, although they are not necessarily students, one of the tasks of the Institution is precisely to bring culture closer to the whole of society”he explained.

He also mentioned that this it will be an opportunity for attendees to enjoy activities such as skateboarding, graffiti, hip hop and rap music performances, as well as a break dance exhibition; sale of handicrafts, exchange of stickers, body suspensions, among other manifestations. He highlighted the participation of groups and associations of artists who will join the Festival and promote various causes.

Some of the participants have worked and developed their talent for many years on the street in different spaces, so Corral Campuzano recognized the intelligence with which they take their work to another level and, in many cases, even keeps them away from some vices.

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“You have to support, know what the street artist does and the disciplines that originate in these, from which many good exponents have emerged (…). In tastes, genres are broken and there is something for everyone ”added the university manager.

During this day, “Breaking UAQ” and rappers from David González will be presented; Hip Hop with Brandon Mejía, King Farrell and “Danza KMT”. Likewise, the bands “Lupanar”, “La Mona Vegana”, “Maldita Profecía” and “Claudio”, among others.

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