Autonomous robot chargers for electric cars

Designed by Volkswagen, this original concept could solve the problem of recharging electric cars in underground car parks.

At Volkswagen, it is not the car that comes to the terminal but the terminal that comes to the car. Imagining a new system around the charging of electric cars, the German brand has just released a video in which it presents a concept based on autonomous robot-chargers.

100% autonomous, the robots are equipped with cameras, laser scanners and ultrasonic sensors. A set of systems whose combination allows robots to carry out the charging process without human intervention and to move completely autonomously within a defined perimeter.

In practice, each robot is equipped with its own storage device. Once the energy is transferred to the car, it returns to its docking station for recharging. If he does not give all the technical details of the project, the manufacturer explains that each robot can contain 25 kWh of energy and ensure rapid charging up to 50 kW in direct current. To use the service, the user can use a dedicated application or go directly through the interface of his car.

Big potential in parking lots

Much more than a simple concept, robot loaders
imagined by Volkswagen may soon become reality. “ We
bring the charging infrastructure to the car, not the other way around. With
this, we make almost all car parks electric, without infrastructure
complex individual
Explains Mark Möller, in charge of development at
within the Volkswagen group. ” This approach has enormous potential
economic. The construction works as well as the assembly costs of
the charging infrastructure can be significantly reduced thanks to
the use of robots
He adds.

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At this stage, the manufacturer indicates that it has not set a date for the launch of its system. There is no doubt that the reactions and the potential interest of car park managers will have an influence on its marketing.

And you ? What do you think of the solution imagined by
Volkswagen? Does it seem realistic to you?

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