Auto Tajir Strikes Gold as Gold Digger Unearths Valuable Nugget worth IDR 2.4 Billion


An amateur gold digger is like a windfall. He accidentally found a gold nugget worth Rp 2.4 billion in Australia.

reported CNN, Friday (31/3/2023) this gold was found in the Victorian section. where in this area is known as the ‘Golden Triangle’. The stone found weighs 4.6 kilograms with a precious metal weight of 2.6 kilograms.

This gold boulder is named ‘Lucky Strike Nugget’. The gold specimen was brought to Lucky Strike Gold prospecting shop towards the end of last year and was purchased by shop owner Darren Kamp.

“When it hit my hand I was flabbergasted,” Kamp said.

“It was incredible. A once in a lifetime discovery,” he added.

4.6 kg gold boulders found in Australia Photo: (dock Lucky Strike Gold)

Kamp said he had been in the gold prospecting business for 43 years. And this new piece of rock was the largest he had ever seen.

Initially, the man who found this gold only brought half of it to Kamp’s shop. He asked if there was USD 6,675 worth of gold in it.

It smelled so dirty that its discoverer (who doesn’t want to be named) couldn’t see the gold beyond. Then Dian broke the stone in two, thinking that there would be a gold nugget inside.

“Once cleaned, you could see gold flowing out of the rock everywhere,” said Kamp.

Kamp reveals that this miner found gold with a Minelab Equinox 800 detector for USD 800. Sales of the detector also increased in his shop as people started looking for extra income.

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The largest gold specimen that Kamp found was a 24-ounce piece, which is now valued at around 70,000 AUD (USD 46,753). He said that about 10 years ago, his friend found a 600 ounce gold nugget.

In 2020, gold diggers in southern Australia found two large nuggets worth 350,000 AUD (USD 250,000) in a historic gold field. In 2013, an amateur found one object worth at least USD 300,000.

Rows of gold discoveries in the Ballarat and Bendigo counties of Victoria in 1851 led to a series of gold rushes in Australia in the 1850s.

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