Auto Sick, These 5 OP Heroes in Mobile Legends Are Suitable for Push Rank 2021 – The beginning of the new year 2021 is perfect if gamers just step on push rank of Mobile Legends. We will provide recommendations regarding 5 hero OP (Overpowered) which can be used to push rank Mobile Legends Season 19.

Still including the beginning of the season, you can immediately launch a war with these recommended heroes. Even so, considering their OP, some of these heroes have a high chance of getting tires during Draft Pick.

Therefore, if your opponent misses it, you can immediately brush and select the hero. Entering Season 19, there are lots of OP heroes to choose from.

However, we will only choose 5 of them that are considered the most OP.

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Here are 5 OP (Overpowered) heroes that are suitable for the Mobile Legends Season 19 push rank early 2021:

1. Brody

Ilustrasi hero Brody Mobile Legends. (YouTube/ Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

Brody is the new Marksman hero with a very painful Damage.

Spam skill alone is quite troublesome and also when Stack is full, Brody produces ultra high Physical Damage.

If you have the right positioning and timing, it is not impossible that Brody can even out the opponent’s heroes late-game.

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2. Blessed

Benedetta. (YouTube/ Mobile Legends Bang Bang)
Benedetta. (YouTube/ Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

In the right hands, Benedetta can deal extra stinging Damage if the Ultimate is accurately placed. This new hero, which can be obtained for free some time ago, immediately gained quite high popularity among Assassin users.

His one Phantom Slash skill generates Burst Damage which can trouble the opponent. If you can maximize passive skills, the combination of Dash and Damage makes the enemy’s core hero die instantly

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3. Natalia

Natalia Mobile Legends. (
Natalia Mobile Legends. (

Not only ex or friends who like to be in debt, Natalia can also disappear right in front of you.

The Hunt skill and also his passive skill, Assassin Intinct, allow this hero to disappear in the bushes and hunt enemies with a high enough Physical Attack.

The combination of his Claw Dash and Smoke Bomb makes Marksman automatically surrender when he is being targeted by Natalia without a fighter or tanker escort.

4. Esmeralda

Esmeralda Mobile Legends. (
Esmeralda Mobile Legends. (

This Tank-Mage hybrid hero is known for his deadly dance.

The Immobilize effect along with the Physical and Magical Damage provided will make the opponent’s hero HP repay easily.

During the early-game, Esmeralda is also suitable as a “riot” hero in the opponent’s Jungle.

5. Jawhead

Jawhead Mobile Legends. (Moonton)
Jawhead Mobile Legends. (Moonton)

After the new update, Jawhead’s popularity immediately rose in Season 19. Not only was his blood thick, but the damage from Jawhead was also getting deadly.

For users who are smart in determining a single target, (especially aimed at hero cores), this one Fighter is perfect for choosing.

Apart from the 5 heroes above, several other heroes who are quite OP and suitable for push rank are Mathilda, Barats, Roger, and Helcurt. Those were the OP heroes that were suitable for the Mobile Legends Season 19 push rank in the early 2021 period, are you interested in using them?


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