Entertainment Autistic Francesco dazzles We Want More jury and viewers

Autistic Francesco dazzles We Want More jury and viewers


Ali B already encourages Francesco with an enthusiastic ‘woooo’ while singing, after which it doesn’t take long before he presses the button. He grants the singer a place in the semifinal. “All right,” Ali nods to fellow judge Davina. After a good swipe, Trijntje and Davina also print. With another 30 seconds on the counter, it is pinching buttocks for Francesco, because he has not yet received the last two jury members. But it all ends well: because in the end everyone wants ‘more’.

You can watch the fragment here:

Viewers at home are at least as enthusiastic as the five-member jury. “You can see that people with autism can achieve a lot,” someone writes. “Be proud of your guy.”


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