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In view of the characteristics of the spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism organized experts to further interpret the burning issues. Some patients with chronic kidney disease, especially those requiring hemodialysis, worry about whether they are more likely to be infected with the new coronavirus and whether the likelihood of serious illness after infection will be higher. So, how do hemodialysis patients protect themselves from the new coronavirus? See expert advice.

Zhou Fude, deputy director of nephrology department of Peking University First Hospital: Hemodialysis patients have low resistance, often suffer from malnutrition, anemia, poor heart function and some acidosis, making them susceptible to infections. There’s also dialysis three times a week, 4 hours each time, frequent trips to and from the hospital, and more chances of exposure than others. The environment in the dialysis room is relatively airtight and the flow of people is relatively large, so hemodialysis patients are prone to infection. But after the infection, most of them are mild. We have nephrotic syndrome patients who show proteinuria and edema. After the treatment, they are completely relieved, so don’t worry.

Experts remind that if hemodialysis patients are infected with the new coronavirus, they should communicate with the doctors of the infectious disease department and nephrology department in time.

Peking University First Hospital Nephrology Department Deputy Director Zhou Fude: Because both sides can provide professional treatment and advice, for example, Omicron infection is treated by infectious disease doctors or respiratory doctors. Nephrologist (responsible), if the drug needs to be adjusted, and if the basic medicine of the original treatment, such as hormone, needs to be reduced, the opinion of the responsible doctor should be sought. It is especially important to wear an N95 mask when going to the hospital for medical treatment. Our experience is that in the current Omicron infection, if positive cases are detected, if both sides wear N95 masks, there will be almost no transmission.

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(Central TV reporter Long Xiaoqin Cao Wenyu)

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