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Her interest in the nursing profession is not new. The Bourguignon Philippe Duley had already published in 2012 “The true story of nurses”, in order to shine the spotlight on this profession which is both so fascinating and so poorly paid. He wanted to tell the whole story of this “eternal myth”. With the Covid 19 pandemic, nurses have become superheroes, thanked, applauded and finally recognized. The former reporter for Bien Public and L’Est Républicain, who was also editor-in-chief of Le Parisien and director of the École Supérieure de Journalisme de Paris, and who now holds the post of educational director at the IICP, s’ is therefore harnessed to a new edition augmented by contemporary testimonies, the first part of which is entirely devoted to today’s battles. And where the superb photos of Jonathan Udot, who was for a long time an intensive care nurse at the Nancy CHRU, occupy a prominent place. When Charlotte, 26, tells the hell of the Covid, we are there. “Charlotte is the typical nurse: skilled, go-getter, no ulterior motives. Determined, she knows why she heals, why she made this choice. And the epidemic madness sweeping the world at the start of 2020 illustrates its commitment: flawless, like all caregivers in France and elsewhere. In the nurse, the state of mind does not exist. Not the place. No time. After the applause, it is the pen of Philippe Duley which honors the courage and the know-how of a profession which has become emblematic. The journalist and writer testifies here to “the 2020 war”, but also unfolds over the pages fifty centuries of engagement.

Ed. from La Martinière. 192 p. € 25 including € 1 paid to the Hôpitaux de Paris-Hôpitaux de France foundation.

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