Austria’s eastern neighbors opened borders

After Austria opened its borders to neighboring countries other than Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia followed suit on Friday. Neither corona tests nor quarantines are still required for trips to the four countries.

On Friday morning, the Czech government decided to fully open the borders with Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Hungary, as Prime Minister Andrej Babis announced. The Czech Republic originally did not want to abolish its border controls until June 15th. The reason for the acceleration was Austria’s decision to fully open its borders with its neighbors except Italy. Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek pointed out that certain restrictions still existed on the German side. Aircraft from EU countries have been able to land at all airports in the Czech Republic since Friday, but border controls will remain there until the end of June, as there is a risk of the virus spreading by air.

“Traffic light system”

From June 15, the Czech Republic will also release tourism to many other EU countries. For this, a “traffic light system” was introduced. Neither corona tests nor a quarantine are required for trips to or from the “safe” countries (group “green”). For the countries of the “orange” group (low risk: France, Italy, Spain), citizens of these countries have to submit a negative corona test or have to go into quarantine for two weeks when entering the Czech Republic, but not the returning Czechs. For the group “red” (high risk, Sweden and Great Britain), all must submit a negative test or be in quarantine.

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Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic announced the complete opening of the border to Austria and Hungary. This also applies to border crossings, bike paths and the so-called green border. For other countries, the easing does not yet apply.

Hungary’s Foreign Minister Szijjarto announced the opening of the borders with Austria and Slovakia on Thursday evening as well as for foreigners from the Czech Republic from Friday. The government in Ljubljana put Austria on the “Green List” of those countries whose citizens are allowed to enter the country. Also on the list: Croatia and Hungary.


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