Austrian police again make large-scale weapons discovery among neo-Nazis

In an ongoing investigation into neo-Nazis in Austria and Germany, Austrian police have raided nine homes. Automatic weapons, bullets, Nazi paraphernalia and narcotics were found, report Austrian media. The search took place on 1 July in eastern Austria: in Vienna and the states of Burgenland and Lower Austria.

According to the police, the suspects aimed to form a paramilitary organization to “overthrow the system”. Austrian Interior Minister Nehammer speaks of extremism as a “threat to peaceful coexistence in our society”.

Austria and Germany have from December last year several actions set up as part of their investigation into an extreme right-wing network around arms and drug dealer Peter B. Weapons were bought with the proceeds of drugs, say the German and Austrian police.

There are now fourteen suspects in total. The police hopes to get even more suspects in their sights by examining data on confiscated phones.


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