Austrian authorities will allow assisted suicide

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Assisted suicide will be allowed in Austria in 2022

This will require a written order and approval from two doctors.

The Austrian government will allow seriously ill people to exercise the right to receive assistance in indirect euthanasia. About this on Saturday, October 23, informs press service of the Austrian Cabinet.

The law allowing suicide will take effect from 2022.

We are talking about indirect euthanasia, when the patient is given a deadly drug, and he takes it himself. Moreover, such a decision can only be made by a seriously ill person himself.

This will require a written statement from the patient. Also, the procedure will require approval from two doctors, one of whom must be a specialist in palliative medicine – referral of assistance to terminally ill people.

The patient will administer the drug independently by oral route or through a tube.

In December, the Austrian parliament will have to vote in support of the new law. It should come into force on January 1, 2022. At the same time, active direct euthanasia – without the patient’s consent, will remain prohibited.

Euthanasia was later legalized by Spain… The law, passed in March, will take effect in three months. Until then, regional committees should be established to deal with requests for the relevant procedure.

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