Austria goalkeeper Monschein and his “ketogenic” diet

As health comes first and due to the Corona crisis, team training is no longer an option, the Austrians keep fit with their individual home program. Striker Christoph Monschein tells how he wants to make the best of the current situation, why he now works a lot on the stove and how he can keep his gate sneaky.

With 15 goals, Christoph Monschein is currently in fourth place on the top scorer list in the Tipico Bundesliga. In the game-free time, he tries to gain something positive from home office mode: “For example, I can concentrate more on cooking and my nutrition than usual. It is important to make the best of the situation – spending more time with your partner is also something nice. ”, says the 27-year-old striker, who honestly misses chasing goals for Austria.


The diet is tailored to the home program

“I really miss standing on the field and playing football. But everyone knows what it’s about now, health is simply the most important thing. So it is crucial to stay at home – the better everyone sticks, the faster the situation gets better. “

“Best Of” Christoph Monschein – Fall Season 2019


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In the meantime, Christoph Monschein is working on several fronts to improve his performance. In the late morning, his daily running tour leads him through the most beautiful corners of the 23rd district and along the banks of the Liesingbach. He does the strength and stabilization training at home in the afternoon, where he uses the rest of the day to improve his cooking skills, among other things. Why does that have something to do with his performance on the field?

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The 27-year-old has been working intensively on the subject of nutrition since last summer. The switch to a healthier and more balanced diet is one of the secrets to the success of his best season so far (15 goals and five assists in 22 Bundesliga games).

Time to experiment

“I’ve been a lot informed since the summer, tried a lot, changed my mind and discovered something in February that made me feel really good. It is a specific form of ketogenic diet that is individually adapted to my body and my requirements. “, says Monschein.

The additional time at home now enables him to experiment with new recipes as part of his ketogenic diet and to cook freshly more often: “In the meantime, I try a lot, often with a lot of vegetables, recently, for example, with pine nuts and peanuts.”

FK Austria Vienna – Goal Parade 2019/20


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He uses digital channels such as WhatsApp and Skype for social contact with his family and friends. Christoph Monschein also exchanges ideas with his teammates on a daily basis: “We have a WhatsApp group in which the whole team is represented, and then there is our group of card players, in which we also write to each other every day. Otherwise, we also keep in touch with private video calls, for example, I often call Max Sax, ”says Monschein.

A question of mentality

And how can you, as a striker who is currently in the shape of your life, actually maintain your gate sneak in your home office?

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“The most difficult thing in sport is to maintain your success and to connect to it after a break. It’s a mentality question – it’s important to always believe in yourself. I know that I’ve done my job well this season so far – and with that in mind, I will go into the next games. I don’t put myself under any pressure, I want to do the best possible and as a striker that means: to score goals. “

Until it is time again, Monschein will treat himself to one or the other Netflix series as a relaxation after the intensive home program: “I’m currently watching the third season of Elite – this is a Spanish series that my girlfriend and some teammates also like very much. I’m currently in season two on Blacklist. Otherwise, I can also recommend Prison Break, Suits, Vikings, Game of Thrones and House of Money. ”

Source: FK Austria Vienna

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