Austria, 38 migrants hiding in a refrigerated truck. Police: “Human trafficking increases”

They were 38, from Syria, Iraq e Turkey. There were also some among them minors. All hidden in a truck fridge discovered in Austria. The migrants were intercepted after their truck stopped in Lower Austria and said they were “afraid of dying and suffering from lack of oxygen” during the journey from Romania through theHungary. Several passengers – who paid between 6 thousand and 8 thousand euros for the trip – managed to run into the fields neighbors when the vehicle it stopped long un’autostrada, e i witnesses they alerted the authorities. The 51-year-old driver, citizen Turkish resident Romania, he has been arrested. There police he explained that “we are seeing an increase in human trafficking”.

The case recalls the tragedy of 2015, when 71 decaying bodies were found in the back of a refrigerated vehicle abandoned on a highway in Austria. The migrants had died of suffocation. The episode shook international public opinion, contributing to the temporary opening of European borders to hundreds of thousands of applicants asylum. L’Austria, led by the conservator since 2017 Sebastian Kurz, on the other hand, has increasingly strengthened i controls and refused to accept the refugees.

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