Australian Open: Germany and Jordan fall in five sets, 3-2 win over Fritz to advance to the top 16

Original title: Australian Open: Germany and Jordan fall in five-set battle 3-2 win over Fritz to advance to the top 16

Sohu Sports News Beijing time on February 12, the 2021 season tennis grand slam Australian Open continues. In the third round of men’s singles, the defending champion Djokovic suffered a back injury after leading 2-0. , After losing two consecutive sets, the deciding set was thrilled to win, 7-6/6-4/3-6/4-6/6-2 defeated the American player Fritz. Djokovic broke into the top 16 in 14 consecutive Grand Slams and will face No. 14 seed Raonic in the next round.

The finale of Rod Laver Stadium night is the top seed Djokovic. Djokovic failed to lead Serbia in the pre-Australian Open warm-up ATP Cup. After winning the first round of the Australian Open easily, the second round encountered Diafou’s tenacity. Block 3-1 promotion. In the third round, Germany and Jordan encountered another American player Fritz. The latter had a record in the third round of the Grand Slam. This time the Australian Open has won consecutive Ramos and Opelka. The two have played against each other twice before, and Djokovic has maintained a complete victory record.

In the first set, Djokovic, who took the lead in serving the ball, sent a break point in the first game, and then relied on the serve and the bottom line to score quickly to complete the service. Fritz successfully guaranteed a 1-1 tie in the first serve. Djokovic attacked the opponent in the fourth game. After a 30-30 tie, Fritz made a backhand error and sent a break point. Then Djokovic mobilized the opponent’s bottom line to score a 3-1 break. Fritz then tried to counterattack. In the seventh game, Djokovic made a short shot and sent out consecutive break points. Fritz could not seize the opportunity to secure a 5-2 lead.

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The American players continued to improve their offensive rhythm. After the ninth game of the serve, the German and Jordanian serve to win the game began to impact. The continuous high-quality offensive on the bottom line forced the German and the Jordan to make continuous mistakes in the fore shot and successfully achieved a break. Since then, the two men held the score to a 6-6 tie. Fritz made many mistakes in the tie-break, and Djokovic regained the initiative. A 7-1 big score won the tie-break and won the first set victory.

In the second set, Djokovic still established an advantage in the opening stage. After breaking serve in the first game, he took advantage of the situation to maintain a 2-0 lead. Fritz then recovered his condition. In the fifth game, he completed the protection from 15-40 consecutive break points. Fritz, who was lagging behind, tried to counterattack. After the break point was resolved in the seventh game, he got it in the eighth game. After 40-15 consecutive break points, Djokovic played a high-level offensive from the bottom line and saved the break points to maintain a 5-3 lead. Djokovic then retained their break advantage, winning the second set 6-4, leading 2-0 with a total score.

In the third set, Fritz, who took the lead in the first game, completed the first game. In the second game, Djokovic sent 15-30 behind in the serve game, and then backhanded the ball back to the net and sent out consecutive break points. Djokovic saved the ball afterwards. The break point was tied 1-1. After Fritz released the third game, Djokovic requested a medical suspension due to a back injury, and resumed after a short treatment after leaving the field. Djokovic’s movement was greatly affected at this time. After each defending serve, the German and Jordan sent a break point in the eighth game. Djokovic was shooting out of bounds and lost the game. 5-3 came to Fritz’s serve to win the game. After successfully defending the serve, he pulled back a set 6-3.

In the fourth set, Djokovic’s physical condition still didn’t improve much. After the first game, the second serve was doubled and the break point was sent by mistake. Fritz hit a continuous break to maintain a 3-1 lead. Since then, because of coming to the stadium to clear time, Djokovic has the opportunity to leave the field and rest. After the game restarted, although Djokovic’s serving state improved slightly, he was still unable to break back. Fritzberg scored 6-4 to win the set, and the total score was tied 2-2.

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In the deciding set, Djokovic, who had difficulty in moving, used experience and serve to deal with his opponents, and successfully secured the first two serving games, and the score came to a 2-2 tie. The state of Djokovic then gradually improved. In the sixth game, he got a break point opportunity. Under the stalemate of the bottom line, Djokovic shot a forehand backslash to break serve. After that, Djokovic broke serve again in the eighth game, winning the final set 6-2.

In the end, the defending champion Djokovic withstood the trouble of a back injury, defeated Fritz in the final set, and successfully advanced to the Australian Open men’s singles top 16. The whole game took 3 hours and 25 minutes. In the game, Germany and Jordan completed 15 ACE balls and 5 double errors, while Fritz had 24 ACE balls and 1 double error. The German and Jordan first serve success rate was 66%, and the first serve scoring rate was 75% ahead of the opponent. The winning points are 52-62 behind Germany, and the unforced turnovers are 53-48 more than 8 opponents. In the break period, Germany broke 4 times with 9 break points, and Fritz broke 3 times with 12 break points.Return to Sohu to see more


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