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Márquez meets with Ramírez to build a country “in the midst of difference”

Bogotá, Jun 24 (EFE).- The elected vice president of Colombia, Francia Márquez, met this Friday in Bogotá with the current number two of the Executive, Marta Lucía Ramírez, with whom she addressed the challenges facing the country with special attention to the women and was “convinced” that “a country can be built in the midst of difference”. The meeting took place at the Vice Presidency headquarters, where Ramírez, who was the first woman to hold that position, met with Márquez, who will become the first black woman to do so on August 7. Ramírez pointed out after the meeting that it was a “first work session” in which both had the opportunity to share the different areas of work that have been developed since the Vice Presidency in these four years. “(There was talk of) the lessons learned, how much we did, what we wanted to do and we didn’t have enough time,” said the outgoing vice president. And that “in the continuity of these efforts she is going to sow new seeds that will serve for a much more inclusive country, with all the social welfare, and that has peace, growth, progress and employment that we all desire,” said Ramírez, who also She is the Foreign Minister of Colombia. In this “woman-to-woman” meeting, “a space for dialogue was set up to review the progress, the challenges, but also the opportunities that exist” after which both agreed “to continue building together, to continue walking together,” she added, for her part, Marquez. Both were willing to continue working hand in hand in this transition period “starting Monday,” according to Ramírez. CHALLENGES “This country has an enormous challenge: the achievement of peace, equity, equality, social justice and human dignity, the challenge of continuing to take care of the big house, nature, facing the environmental crisis that the planet is experiencing “, and that is what “the outgoing vice president, who was the vice president of 50 million Colombians, and I will work on,” in the words of Márquez. Another of the great challenges for Colombia is “the empowerment of women, to generate economy and economic autonomy for women, to avoid violence against women,” added Márquez, who thanked Ramírez “for the enormous work” he has done for the country. “I know it’s not easy,” she admitted. “We hope to be able to tell Colombia in four years that dignity has become a habit,” said the vice president-elect. “All Colombians must be willing to support the incoming government to be successful, those of us who truly love Colombia, the only thing that interests us is that they do well. In my personal case, I have no political aspirations,” added Ramírez before the possibility of joining the national agreement proposed by Petro. Lastly, she was sure that Márquez “will not only have the opportunity to give added value but also include new issues that make the function of the Vice Presidency increasingly relevant, and to show that those of us who came here did not come looking for power “. Márquez reported that they are working to achieve a meeting with the vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris, but that she has already met with the number two from Costa Rica, Epsy Campbell, “one of the few women who are vice presidents in Latin America and the first Afro-descendant woman” of the region. Gustavo Petro and Márquez won the second round of the presidential and vice-presidential elections last Sunday and this week began the transition meetings with the current government, led by Iván Duque, and also meetings to decide who will make up the team of the new Executive . On Thursday, after Petro received his credentials as president, he went to the Casa Nariño, headquarters of the executive, to meet with Duque and initiate “a calm transition” to the country’s first leftist government. (c) EFE Agency

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