Australia is angry about the fake image published by China on social networks / Article /

The Australian government has been outraged by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhao Lijiang on Monday, November 30, on a fake image posted on Twitter showing an Australian soldier putting a bloody knife on an Afghan child’s throat.

The leadership of the Australian Armed Forces said this month that Australian soldiers were responsible for the killing of at least 39 Afghan civilians and prisoners. The Australian prime minister has called the image published by the Chinese representative “truly disgusting”.

“It is deeply offensive to all Australians who have worn this uniform, to all Australian soldiers who are currently wearing it, and to other foreign soldiers who have served with Australians. It is cruel and cannot be justified in any way. The Chinese government should be ashamed of It reduces respect for them in the eyes of the world.

There is no denying that there are disagreements between China and Australia, but this is not the way to resolve them, “said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.


By the Australian Armed Forces the investigation concluded that that dozens of people have been illegally killed by Australian special task forces during the war in Afghanistan. This investigation confirms previous reports of war crimes committed by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. However, it may take several more years before the potential criminals are brought to justice.

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