Australia also wants to hear the story of Princess Delphine

“Royal shock! A secret princess revealed. Meet the love child that the King of Belgium did not want anyone to know about. How Princess Delphine fought to be officially recognized as royalty,” the television channel advertised before the broadcast. The fact that there is interest in the years-long struggle of Delphine (52), even in Australia, is not so strange to Danneels, who himself is also repeatedly asked to comment.

“It is an exceptional story and appeals to the imagination internationally, because it is about a woman who obviously goes to war against a king, but also because it is very universal: a daughter who becomes so disillusioned with the way her father treats her. and rejects that she goes to extremes to stand up for herself, her true identity and the right to exist of her children, “said Danneels, who also wrote a biography about Prince Laurent.

Read more below the photo.

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