Aurora Ramazzotti covertly shot: side b protagonist

Aurora Ramazzotti seems to be on vacation at the beach with her boyfriend. In a moment of relaxation this resumes her while she is dancing.

Aurora Ramazzotti
Instagram photo: @therealauroragram

The daughter of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti, after spending the quarantine with her mother and little sisters, she returned to her usual life.

At the moment he is on vacation by the sea near Rome with his fiancé Goffredo Cerza.

The two for more than two years now make a fixed couple and seem to be more close-knit than ever, indeed Goffredo spent the quarantine with Aurora and all his family.

So a particularly flourishing moment for the daughter of art who is always looking for new challenges even at work.

This year, Aurora has dedicated herself at work on the radio, but it is possible that next year we will find her on television to conduct some new program.

For now she enjoys these days of vacation together with her beloved who secretly takes her back while making gods a little provocative ballets.

Aurora Ramazzotti dances and her boyfriend takes it back secretly: the video is risque

Aurora Ramazzotti (Instagram source @therealauroragram)
Aurora Ramazzotti (Instagram source @therealauroragram)

In the video uploaded on Instagram, the girl is intent on dancing in front of her cellphone. He is evidently making a Tiktok, but did not realize that behind her is the boyfriend who in turn is making her a video.

The short recovery, however, really shows everything, in fact the side B of the girl is put on display.

After all, Aurora also has a physique particularly tonic and long-limbed reminiscent of that of mum Michelle.

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Although the two look very similar in the face, physically they have different characteristics in common and between these there is just the b side!

Plus mom and daughter are a lot dedicated to sport, as it is known, Michelle has been training since she was very young and Aurora does the same thing, keeping in shape between workouts and morning runs at dawn.

Which the two also pursued in quarantine with live Instagram in the company of several personal trainer

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