Aurillac. Hospital: “It’s good to get tested but it all depends on what you do with the result”

On the left, Anne-Lise Pradel, doctor and medical director of crisis and on her right, Mathieu Kuentz, president of the medical commission of the Aurillac hospital (in the center of the photo). (© NG / photo archive.)

During the week, a massive screening is organized in the department as part of the Covid-19 crisis. Asked about it, Mathieu Kuentz, president of the Aurillac hospital establishment medical commission, and Anne-Lise Pradel, doctor and crisis medical director indicated : “It’s good to get tested but it all depends on what you do with the result. If a person is positive, it allows them to be isolated, to take charge of them, but if the test is negative, it does not mean that everything is possible and it is very important to hammer it home. And then there is an incubation period (of a few days), so if a person tests negative on December 23, for example, that doesn’t mean that they will always be negative on the 25th. “

The Covid in Cantal

Cantal deplores this Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 48 deaths linked to Covid-19, 10 people are in intensive care, 63 people are hospitalized, the incidence rate (number of positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants) for the period from December 5 to December 11, 2020 is 105 according to Public health France.

Vigilance remains essential

For the two doctors, vigilance remains in order: “We observe between 20 and 25 people hospitalized in Aurillac, about fifteen in Saint-Flour and around 5 in Mauriac. There is still increased vigilance in nursing homes and it must be said that we are still far from a normal situation in terms of resuscitation bed capacity (Covid and non-Covid). And we have no visibility in the short and medium term with this virus. “

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What about vaccination?

And while waiting for the vaccination campaign to be effective in France, Dr. Kuentz recommends “limiting gatherings for this holiday season. Then, on vaccination, we will follow the recommendations of the High Authority for Health and we hope for a strong vaccination. “

And this “famous” vaccine developed by Pfizer and Biontech can be stored at very low temperatures (between -70 and -80 ° C). We must therefore have freezers that can store them. In Aurillac, the hospital has one which is already in use “it is therefore planned to receive another but we do not know when. We were just asked for our storage capacity, ”explains Dr Kuentz.

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