AUGA Group introduces a hybrid tractor

Europe’s largest organic food producer – the Lithuanian company “AUGA Group” – presented the world’s first professional biomethane and electric motor tractor AUGA M1.

Scientists estimate that agriculture accounts for almost 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Much of these emissions are related to the use of fossil fuels in agricultural machinery. On September 29, Europe’s largest organic food producer, the Lithuanian company AUGA Group, presented the world’s first zero-emission tractor for professional use, the AUGA M1. This is the first step in the company’s building a sustainable and environmentally friendly food technology chain. A hybrid biomethane-electric tractor will help the agricultural sector around the world tackle the pollution caused by climate change.

Three years ago, when we first calculated our emissions, we realized that 30 percent of them came from the use of fossil fuels in agriculture. There were simply no other solutions at the time. That is why we have taken the lead in developing technologies that will allow us to set a new standard for sustainable agriculture, drastically reduce pollution throughout the food value chain and deliver food to final consumers without adversely affecting the environment. The first result of this work is a tractor – a hybrid of biomethane and an electric motor.

Ķētutis Juščus, Executive Director of AUGA Group

The choice of biomethane as an alternative fuel has not been accidental – it is one of the greenest biofuels. The AUGA M1 hybrid tractor is unique in that it removes the main obstacles that prevented the world’s largest equipment manufacturers from offering sustainable tractors for professional use.

Until now, the alternative fuel tractors used in the world have not been suitable for professional agricultural use. Our team of engineers has found a solution that solves the tractor’s refueling problems and ensures continuous operation throughout the day. Currently, biomethane-powered tractors can only work for 2-4 hours because gas cylinders do not physically fit in the tractor. But farmers need machinery that can be relied on for at least 12 hours out of place. AUGA Group is aware of this, so this technology has been developed.

Ķētutis Juščus, Executive Director of AUGA Group

The AUGA M1 tractor uses a hybrid biomethane-electric engine system. When the tractor is running, a biomethane-powered internal combustion engine produces energy and transfers it directly to the electric motors that spin the wheels. The company’s patented design allows larger biomethane cylinders to be placed in the tractor. Under normal operating conditions, when little power is required, the tractor stores the energy stored in the batteries. Such a system does not waste energy under low load conditions, uses a relatively small but efficient motor and is able to achieve huge power when needed. These solutions allow the tractor to run for at least 12 hours.

AUGA M1 tractor

Another challenge that has hampered the widespread use of biomethane-powered tractors is the lack of biomethane filling station infrastructure. AUGA Group has also solved this problem by offering quick and easy replacement of gas cylinders.

In order to purposefully and effectively combat climate change, the technological solutions developed by AUGA Group will be available not only in Lithuania, but also in the world market. In addition, as part of the global strategy for the introduction of agricultural technologies, the company plans to offer several more solutions in the near future that will promote the sustainability of the entire food chain. AUGA Group specialists are currently developing other sustainable technological solutions that will prevent the release of greenhouse gases from the soil and digestive processes of cattle.

Our innovations will help build a global community of responsible consumers, farmers and investors by creating an environmentally friendly food supply chain and promoting sustainable societal habits. Our goal is to become a leader in sustainable and organic food technologies and to contribute to tackling global pollution in the global food supply chain.

Ķētutis Juščus, Executive Director of AUGA Group

By „AUGA Group”

AUGA Group is the largest producer of organic food in Europe. The group of companies manages about 39,000 ha of organically certified arable land and is developing a sustainable business model. The company specializes in growing crops, dairy cows and mushrooms. In 2020, AUGA Group published its five-year business strategy, which aims to improve existing business efficiency, develop a sustainable organic food architecture and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Charged opinion

An advanced system is used here and the next version is really expected from the Charged side – completely emission-free. Such solutions that are niche specific are highly desirable. Especially if the system is optimized for different load scenarios. The internal combustion engine beats at its optimal rhythm when charging the battery, and the battery is the only source of energy for the electric motor, providing both peak load and rated load.

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