Audio reveals father’s threat to daughter so that her mother does not withhold 10% for alimony | National

The Public Ministry began an investigation after it was denounced that a father sent threats to his daughter to prevent her mother take legal action to retain 10% of the subject’s retirement savings withdrawal, who would owe alimony payments.

The Los Angeles Attorney’s Office began the investigations after taking cognizance of an audio that circulates on social networks, in which it is heard that a man threatens his daughter.

In the record, corresponding to a WhatsApp audio, a man is heard saying “you know how crazy I am, don’t you? You are my daughter, you have seen me fight, I don’t care about anything. It is a million pesos that I have at risk there, of that million I plan to give them 200 lucas ”.

“How can I harm them? There are many ways. They like the truck right? Well take care of her then if not, they are going to lose the van, they are going to lose the glasses, they are going to lose everything. I do ‘boom’ like this and the van disappears, ”says the subject in the audio, which can be heard in full below.

The chief prosecutor of the aforementioned city, María Gemita Rojas, confirmed that because a minor could be the victim of threats, the Public Ministry is empowered to start an investigation, without prior complaint, in order to ensure the superior good of the girl.

“The crime of threats is a crime that when the alleged victim is a minor, all State organs must strive for the protection of the minor, always ensuring the best interests of the child or adolescent,” said the prosecutor.

Likewise, the Prosecutor General’s Office instructed that the Investigations Police of Chile carry out investigations into the case.

Finally, they indicated that contact was made with the affected family, and protective measures were immediately decreed in their favor, and their members were referred to the Regional Unit for Attention to Victims and Witnesses (Uravit) of the Bío Bío Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

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