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Behind every building, every beach, monument, museum, church or promenade, there is a story. Mar del Plata has a truly valuable cultural and architectural wealth and one of the most innovative and interesting ways of approaching it is through the audio guides free that Mar del Plata and tourists can listen to from any device.

He Municipal Tourism Authority (Emtur) has been developing these audio guides for several years and recently added some new, in formats for family sharing.

There are already some 15 auditory tours within reach of neighbors and visitors that allow you to enter the history and information of different characteristic points of Mar del Plata.

The audios that propose the tours, some shorter and others longer, are available on the Emtur website or can be listened to through the platform Spotify on all devices.

Among the available audio guides are tours of the historic center of the city, two religious itineraries, a walk through different museums and their pieces exhibited there, information about the boulevards, the port, the southern beaches, the life of Astor Piazzolla, the Laguna and Sierra de los Padres and of course the beaches.

Some of the 15 or so audio guides offer a vehicular itinerary, while others are ideal to perform walking, As the “Walk by the sea”, a tour that runs along the coast from south to north with valuable information about one of the main attractions of the city.

The Emtur website clarifies the modality of the audio guide, a brief description of each of them and the approximate length and duration of the informative walk.

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“Historic helmet” proposes a walk through the historical area of ​​the city, where the saladeril establishment and the pier that gave rise to the primitive town were once. It also delves into the arrival of the first tourists who made it the fashionable spa of the Belle Epoque, and later the favorite tourist city of all Argentines.

From religious itineraries invite you to visit emblematic temples of Mar del Plata, with very different characteristics and styles, such as the Santa Cecilia Chapel, the Cathedral of Saints Pedro and Cecilia, the Oratory of the Immaculate Conception, the Parish of Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Nueva Pompeya, the Stella Maris chapel, the La Sagrada Familia parish and the Lourdes Grotto, and the Divino Rostro chapel.

Another option allows you to enter the cultural offer available in some of the museums most emblematic of the city.

An audio guide is also available on the La Perla neighborhood and the north area, its forest reserves and its picturesque architecture.

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“Ramblas marplatenses”, meanwhile, it invites visitors to take a brief trip to the past of Mar del Plata, to the Belle Epoque, to the luxurious Bristol Hotel, to the old Ramblas, to bathers and walkers of other times.

“Loma Stella Maris – Traditional Neighborhoods” offers a tour of the most traditional neighborhoods of the city, with solid and picturesque chalets and mansions built with noble materials such as stone and wood and tile roofs, surrounded by parks and gardens with a profusion of trees, shrubs and flowers of all provenances.

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“Punta Mogotes – Lighthouse – South Beaches” It allows you to take a magnificent walk with marine, urban and rural landscapes to enjoy, and beaches of different characteristics: extremely wide, with thick vegetation that reaches the sand, flanked by dunes, narrow at the foot of cliffs, crossed by a stream, and much more to discover.

Could not miss the Port and the Banquina de Pescadores with its colorful and dynamic, with the excellent gastronomy that characterizes the sector.

Beyond the city, another of the audio guides delves into the characteristics and richness of the Laguna and Sierra de los Padres, with extremely picturesque landscapes of broken fields, lagoons, streams and mountains of great beauty.

Itinerary “Alfonsina Pedestrian” encompasses emblematic places in the life of Alfonsina Storni in Mar del Plata: her poetry, her literary career and her suicide in the waters of La Perla beach.

Another audio guide invites you to visit the places frequented by the bandone player and composer Astor Piazzolla.

The audio guides prepared by the Municipal Tourism Authority are available at your site web and they can also be searched and enjoyed from Spotify.

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