audience record for final Wie is de Mol?

Never before had a finale of Who is the mole? such high ratings. The previous record came from the previous season, when 3.5 million viewers saw that Rob Dekay de Mol was. This anniversary season is seen as “a present in this nasty corona time”, it sounds on Twitter. And from January 2 we will be one again new WIDM-season treated.

The big climate quiz

NPO 1 is the big winner of this Saturday evening anyway. After Who is the mole? scored The big climate quiz (1,364,000 viewers) – including Merel Westrik and Francis van Broekhuizen to participate – and Studio Sport Eredivisie (1,613,000) also well above the million. With four other programs, NPO 1 covered the entire top 7 audience figure.

I love Holland

SBS 6 was the top-grossing commercial channel this Saturday night: I love Holland has returned to its million-dollar status, with 1,027,000 viewers this time. Francis van Broekhuizen also settled here as a guest on Friday evening.

Holland’s got talent

I love Holland scored better than Geubels and the Dutch (967,000 viewers) and the semifinal of Holland’s got talent on RTL 4 (966,000 viewers). All of Holland bakes kids also reached the top 25 audience figure with 586,000 viewers for NPO 3.

Discontinued Formula 1

On Ziggo Sport 497,000 viewers saw the discontinued Formula 1. The third free practice in Portimao, Portugal, had to be stopped early on Saturday morning, after Sebastian Vettel had driven over a manhole cover. Solving this road problem took longer than expected and so qualifying for the Grand Prix started half an hour later.


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