Audi Neckarsulm reacts to coronavirus – tougher measures for employees

Despite the lockdown, the corona numbers are still too high. Audi reacted to this in Neckarsulm and Heilbronn.

  • The Corona numbers in Baden-Württemberg continue to rise.
  • One also accepts that Audi note.
  • In den, Working in Heilbronn and Neckarsulm a measure is therefore tightened.

Update from January 12th: Since the beginning of December Baden-Wuerttemberg again in lockdown due to the coronavirus, which was recently extended until January 31. Also Audi – with Works in Neckarsulm and Heilbronn – responded to the tense corona situation in December.

Offers since the end of September Audi its employees at the Neckarsulm and Ingolstadt sites have the opportunity to be tested free of charge. In addition, the measures that have been in place since October 13th and 16th Locations in the region apply, have already been extended and tightened several times.

Audi Neckarsulm: New Corona measures for plants

Since December 1st, a also applies to publicly accessible calculation and traffic areas Mask requirement, no matter if the Minimum distance can be met or not. “Employees must therefore, for example, in all parking spaces, in parking garages including the staircases and also in the piazza on Audi Forum wear an everyday mask or face mask (MNS), ”explains one Audi spokeswoman upon request from

At Audi in Heilbronn, too, employees now have to wear the mask more often.

© Audi AG

In addition, the number of employees at the locations in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm mobile work is around 20 percent. Where that is not possible, for example in production, the workplaces were “shared with the Audi Health protection, occupational safety, the works council and in close coordination with the local authorities (…) made ‘Corona-ready’ ”. For example, the distances to the Jobs enlarged or partitions drawn in.

Audi Neckarsulm: Forum closed, but new car collection possible

The company restaurants and bistros of Audi also no more seats. However, you can take away food and drinks. “Due to the extension of the shutdown, this regulation continues to apply until January 31, 2021,” says the Audi spokeswoman.

The Audi forum in Neckarsulm is expected to be closed until January 31st. Closed to visitors. An exception applies to visitors who want to pick up a new Audi. In addition, they stay Audi Shops in the forum closed. “The vehicle deliveries are open so that cars can be handed over on time and thus guarantee individual mobility. The vehicle handover takes place in the outside areas according to the permissible ‘Click and Collect’ principle, taking special safety and hygiene measures into account, ”emphasizes the Audi spokeswoman. An appointment is made in advance for this. Individual consultations, however, do not take place.

Audi Neckarsulm reacts: The corona measures will apply for as long

Update from October 27th: Every day in Baden-Wuerttemberg new corona cases reported. Both the city and the district Heilbronn have now reached the corona warning level because the limit of 50 new infections has been exceeded. Accordingly also has Audi – with plants in Neckarsulm and Heilbronn – responded!

The measures that took place on October 13th and 16th respectively Locations in the region apply, were actually limited to the beginning of the week. Because of the infection process Audi this according to the SWR now extended until November 9th. Hot: The extended one Mask requirement continues to apply.

Audi Neckarsulm: Works council collects questions due to Corona – answers via video

The premium brand from Ingolstadt goes one step further: Usually they have Audi employees in Heilbronn and Neckarsulm opportunities to ask questions at works council meetings. Because of the Coronavirus the works council now collects the questions and answers them via internal video.

In addition, a kind of “works council radio” should be included in the annual financial statements in December Audi in Neckarsulm give. Again SWR reports, the works councils then speak over loudspeakers in the assembly halls. The recommendation of Audito work mobile whenever possible, 16 percent of employees are already in Neckarsulm and Ingolstadt followed.

Neckarsulm: Rising new corona infections – This now applies to Audi!

Update from October 15th: For days, the authorities in Baden-Württemberg have been reporting more and more new corona infections. Once again is the city district Heilbronn Particularly affected by the increasing numbers and has now also reached the warning level after the corona advance warning level. The city has accordingly Heilbronn the existing measures tightened drastically, but also on Audi site in Neckarsulm reacts to the increasing number of new infections.

The im Plant in Neckarsulm and an extended one for all branch offices Mask requirement. “All employees are obliged to wear an everyday mask or mouth and nose cover on the entire factory premises – on the way to the workplace and whenever they leave it, for example on the way to the toilet or in the company restaurant,” explains one Audi spokeswoman upon request from the measures.

Audi Neckarsulm: Stricter measures from 50 new infections

Gives Audi also links his measures to the 7-day incidence, these are in Neckarsulm and Heilbronn further tightened from October 16, since the critical level of 50 new infections exceeded. The extended mask requirement now also applies in all conversation situations, “even if a distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained”. Audi also recommends its employees in Neckarsulm and Heilbronn wearing an everyday mask at your own workplace and in the parking lot. The Audi spokeswoman emphasizes to “This regulation also applies to external companies and service providers.”

It also recommends Audi, Avoid carpooling and public transport, as these are possible sources of infection. “Employees are therefore asked, if possible, to use their own car or bike or to walk to work. If carpooling is unavoidable, recommends Audi to wear masks here too while driving, ”says the spokeswoman. In addition, all meetings, conferences and meetings at Audi will continue to be held digitally. Workshops and trainings should be reduced to “a necessary level and digitally if possible”. In addition, the Employee after consultation, “now make greater use of the opportunity to work in the home office.”

Neckarsulm: This is how Audi is now reacting to falling corona numbers

Update from September 15th: In Heilbronn, the corona warning level was declared on August 24th. Therefore had Audi in Neckarsulm as of August 31, an extended Mask requirement introduced. Because of the falling again Infection numbers however, the mask can be removed again. The car manufacturer ended the mask requirement on September 14th. Employee just have to put the mask on Werkgeländeas well as when leaving the workplace. In some areas Audi in Neckarsulm There is still a mask requirement at the workplace, such as in the Company catering or where the minimum distance cannot be maintained.

Audi Neckarsulm: Rising corona numbers – that now applies to the plant!

First report from September 4th: The tapes have been rolling in since the beginning of the week Audi in Neckarsulm and again in the Böliinger Höfe. Both plants were previously closed for three weeks during the company holidays. Lots Employee probably used the time for a vacation trip with the family and since the summer vacation lasts until the end of next week, one or the other is even still on vacation.

However, in the past few days the corona numbers in Baden-Württemberg have been due to the numerous Travel returner always increased. Also in Heilbronn the number of new infections shot up, at times the 7DaysIncidence even above the critical value of 35.

Audi Neckarsulm: response to increasing corona infections

Also at Audi in Neckarsulm one has registered the development of the past weeks. “We are closely monitoring the current infection situation and therefore have an extended one at the Neckarsulm plant Mask requirement responded preventively, “said a spokeswoman when asked by

The extended mask requirement has also been in effect on Monday Audi location at the Böllinger Höfe in Heilbronn, where the R8 rolls off the assembly line. In the future, the e-tron GT, which was already being planned before the start of Audi’s Artemis project, will also roll off the production line here.

Audi Neckarsulm: Mask must be worn here!

Wherever the minimum distance cannot be maintained or where no partition wall or film offers protection, the SWR a mask be worn. This measure applies initially until September 14th. Should the situation worsen, Audi wants to react “with extended measures if necessary”.

In addition to the works in Heilbronn and Neckarsulm A similar regulation also applies to the Audi plant in Ingolstadt. According to the “restaurant principle”, one must “get to and from the table” here mask be worn. This also applies to the way from the factory gate to your own workplace, as well as when you leave it.

Category image: © Audi AG

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