Audi A6 driver named as suspect in Cianjur student hit and run Page all – The police have named SG (41), the driver of an Audi A6 (formerly known as the A8 series) as a suspect in a hit-and-run that killed a student in CianjurWest Java.

Kabid Humas Polda Jabar Kombes Ibrahim Tompo said the determination of the suspect was based on examining witnesses and a number of pieces of evidence.

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“Treat the crime scene using scientific investigation, lab for examination, inaphy examination, this is an agreement. Finally referring to the black Audi vehicle, and now it has become evidence,” Ibrahim said during a press conference at the Cianjur Police Headquarters, Saturday (28/1/2023) evening.

Ibrahim revealed that the verification was carried out normatively and procedurally in accordance with the rules for investigating traffic accident cases.

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For this reason, he continued, the case was finally held on Saturday (28/1/2023) at 09.00 WIB. The police named the driver of the Audi A6 with the initials SG as a suspect.

SG is charged with Article 310 paragraph 4 junto Article 312 of RI Law number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation with a maximum penalty of 6 years in prison.

Ibrahim said that his party was trying to make an arrest but there was an attempt to escape so the officers issued a Wanted People List (DPO).

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“For this reason, regarding this DPO, we appeal to the suspect to immediately surrender himself to be held accountable for his actions,” said Ibrahim.

Previously, a student in Cianjur Regency, West Java, named Selvi Amelia Nuraini (19) died in an accident.

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From the statement of the victim’s family, the vehicle involved in the collision with the victim’s motorbike is suspected to be part of the police group.

The attorney for the victim’s family, Yudi Junadi, said the suspicion was based on CCTV footage and the statements of a number of witnesses gathered at the scene.

According to Yudi, the CCTV footage shows the minibus type vehicle as part of the group.

Because of this, Yudi urged the police to thoroughly investigate this case, which according to him gave the impression of being covered up.

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Meanwhile, the Head of the Cianjur Police, AKBP Doni Hermawan emphasized that the vehicle involved in the accident was not part of the escort group.

According to him, the car was a vehicle or an illegal group that forced its way into a motorcade.

The vehicle Doni is referring to is an Audi A8 series with an allegedly fake license plate.

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