Audi A1: the news of the 2021 edition

TARGETED CHANGES – The house of the four rings announces the edition 2021 of the small family, theAudi A1 Sportback and its crossover-inspired twin, theA1 Citycarver (photo above). The two models do not change in style, but receive few and targeted novelties. Among these, the new MIB 3 multimedia system, connected to the internet via an integrated sim card and shared with the Audi of higher category.

ALWAYS CONESSA – With four times more computing power than the previous MIB 2+, the MIB 3 has new functions, because it allows the monthly updating of the maps of the satellite navigator (previously it took place on a quarterly basis) and introduces new ones voice commands: are those developed directly by the German company, which are activated with the phrase Hey Audi, or those of Amazon, to manage home automation from the car. In addition, the MIB 3 of the Audi A1 allows you to move icons on the main screen.

RENEWED ENGINES – All the Audi A1 edition 2021 they now have engines in line with the new Euro 6d anti-smog standards. It starts with the 95 HP 1.0 TFSI 3-cylinder petrol turbo, with the same power as the previous version, to go up to the 1.0 version with 110 HP, instead of the previous 116 HP. The 4-cylinder 1.5 TFSI at the top of the range, passes to Euro 6d, but has the same power as the previous version, namely 150 HP.

CONSUMPTION DOWN – The move to Euro 6d did well to the 1.0 TFSI and 1.5 TFSI, which they see decrease consumption and emissions: the decrease is on average 10%. The A1 Sportback 25 TFSI, with the 95 bhp 1.0, is the most sparing version, because it is satisfied with 1 liter of petrol every 18.5 km, but the others do not look bad, with declared values ​​of 18.2 km / l for the A1 Sportback 30 TFSI with 110 hp and 16.4 km / l for the A1 Sportback 35 TFSI.

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