Auctions of bailiffs in Radom and the Radom region. Economy cars, apartments and land. See the most interesting offers

Almost every day there are bailiff or treasury auctions of cars, apartments, houses, land taken from owners for debts. They can only be auctioned off for half their market value and the amount obtained is used to repay debtors’ liabilities. We have compiled the latest offers from Radom and the Radom region for you. We present the auctions in our gallery.

Are you looking for a used car? Can’t afford to buy an apartment or house? Or maybe you need rest? We present the latest auctions of passenger cars, apartments and land in the south of Mazowieckie Voivodeship. What can you buy at a bargain price from bailiffs? Here are the auctions that will take place in the next month. Look in our gallery.

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