Aubervilliers: a still unidentified body discovered after the fire in a garage

“I heard boom, boom, boom… I thought it was fireworks, as we live right next to the Cité, says a resident of rue Albert-Walter, in Aubervilliers, this Monday morning . I went to the window, I opened it and I saw my neighbor, in the street, in panic. »

It’s almost one o’clock in the morning. And a few steps from this resident’s home, a car garage is engulfed in flames. “It took well, loose the young woman. We all got out and called the fire department. »

An important device has been deployed. “Nearly eighty firefighters were mobilized,” said the spokesperson for the Paris fire brigade (BSPP). Four lances were used to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby buildings. »

The houses, buildings and warehouses are indeed adjoining or very close in this small street of the Pressencé district. “We therefore used means on the ground and in the air, by ladder, because it was a race against time,” continues the BSPP spokesperson.

“The owner of the garage is collapsed”

The flames did not nibble the surrounding structures but after more than two hours of fighting, the firefighters made a gruesome discovery. Under the rubble, inside the 400 m² garage, a body was found. His identity is still unknown at this time.

“It could be a rather young man, specifies the parquet floor of Bobigny, who went there last night. But there is, for the moment, no confirmation of the identity of the victim. »

The elected official of Aubervilliers, who went there at night, insisted with the emergency services to ensure that no one was buried under the rubble, it is indicated on the side of the municipality. . “We thought there was nobody at the start, continues the municipality. A judicial inquiry has been opened to shed light on this fire and determine who is this person who lost his life. The owner of the garage is collapsed. »

Two families with children were collected from the elected official, who lives in the neighborhood, during the intervention. Another couple preferred to stay nearby, specifies the town hall of Aubervilliers.

The flames engulfed the entire business. The cause of the accident is still undetermined. “The causes of the disaster are being analyzed, indicates the Bobigny prosecution. However, this work is made difficult because the traces of combustion accelerator are fairly standard in a car garage. »

This Monday morning, the smell of smoke still hung in the air around the garage. The municipal police always secured the premises, while the investigators of the national police, including those of the judicial police, made the usual findings and conducted a neighborhood survey.

A car fire a few hours earlier in the same city

Men, annoyed, saw the damage. “My car is inside,” breathes one of them distraught, his eyes riveted on the carcasses of charred cars, visible through the end of the cut-out door.

Just before this intervention, the firefighters had intervened on another fire, rue Alexandre-Dumas, around 10 p.m. “Three cars burned and the fire spread to a mixed building,” said the spokesperson for the Paris fire brigade. Nearly eighty firefighters were mobilized. There were no injuries. »

Last July, a woman was transported in a state of absolute emergency after the fire in her pavilion in Aubervilliers.

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