Attorney Johnny Depp helps man who becomes unwell during flight

Camille would have been on the plane with her bodyguard, when suddenly there was a call for someone to help with a medical emergency. Both Camille and her bodyguard would have rushed directly to the man and Camille would have made a phone call to her brother-in-law, who is a doctor. He would have explained to her step by step what to do.

Camille’s bodyguard would then have taken off his Apple Watch to check the man’s heart rate. Fortunately, a doctor also appeared to be present during the flight, who then took over from the two. Camille is said to have received two bottles of wine from the flight staff afterwards to thank her for her quick action.

Camille recently became famous when she represented Johnny Depp as a lawyer in his case against Amber Heard. There were rumors that a romance would have blossomed between the two during the trial, but Camille denied that. She called the rumors “sexist”.

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