Attorney at Law: Apart from Apartments, Professor M Often Takes Era Abroad: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Conflict between Setyowati era and Professor M continues to heat up. The legal powers of both parties continue to issue defenses and attacks in order to protect their respective clients.

Through his jurisdiction, Professor M has denied all allegations leveled by Era, ranging from serial marriages to the provision of apartments. Unacceptable, Razman Arif Nasution as Era’s lawyer immediately gave a counterattack.

According to Razman, Professor M not only bought his client an apartment unit, but also often invited him to travel abroad.

“Eh M, I remind you. You are going abroad. The era of the story is all with me. Including what you brought besides Era,” said Razman when met by MNC Portal in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, Tuesday (6/4/2021) .

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Razman did not explain in detail what items Professor M brought when he visited abroad. However, based on his narrative, if this information was disclosed to the public, it would endanger the position of Prof. M and a number of parties.

“I will reveal the chaos of this country. Be careful not to involve other people. What you are facing is Era and his lawyer, Razman. I have never been afraid of anyone in this country,” he concluded.


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