Attentive! Norovirus can cause intestinal infections, many cases are found in Indonesia

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Attention Norovirus which can lead to intestinal infections. Lately a lot of talk Norovirus attacking organs digestion.

Professor Doctor. DR Ari Fahrial Syam SpPD (K) MMB, FINASIM, FACP, Professor of FKUI-RSCM, said this virus can cause acute intestinal infections. This was conveyed through a press release received in Jakarta on Monday, 19 October 2020

This virus is not actually a new virus. Norovirus is one of the causes of acute intestinal infections (gastroenteritis) throughout Indonesia, “he said.

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According to Dr. Ari, this virus began to appear in Indonesia. The results of a May 2020 report by Indonesian researchers in the Journal of Medical Virology showed that there were 14 samples of 91 stool samples examined. Norovirus.

Research samples conducted in early 2019 were taken from several hospitals in Jambi City. The same cases were also reported from several cities in Indonesia, he continued.

In general, fever, stomach ache, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting occur when a person is poisoned by contaminated food. Ari continued, this clinical symptom is an extraordinary incident in China.

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These clinical symptoms also occur with extenuating circumstances Norovirus it happened in China, more precisely in the province of Shanxi, “continued Ari. *** (Maria Rosari Dwi Putri / Antara)

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