Attention! You can now download the Windows 11 photo app!

The new Windows 11 photo app has just hit the Internet and many users of Windows 11 Reddit confirmed that they are already receiving it through an update. In fact, last week, the head of the Microsoft said that this version was going to reach insiders very quickly and this has just happened. We’ll explain what you’ll find when you download the Windows 11 photo app and how you can do it right now.

Attention! You can now download the Windows 11 photo app!

The new Windows 11 photo app is very similar to what we were used to in Windows 10. When we open it we see the latest images along with new shortcuts. However the top bar has the same sections as before. However the design in general has been improved. In addition we have round corners.

download photos windows 11

However the changes are much more significant once we open an image. Right from the start, a carousel appears right at the bottom of the viewer to choose more than one image. Furthermore, you can add images to favorites or delete them. When we are looking at a simple image, we see a floating bar on the top bar with shortcuts to rotate or edit an image. We can also draw over it, erase or view information as referred to in the XDA.

However, to make things simpler the options now have associated icons. Most functions are not new but have been consolidated in this menu. That way everything is more accessible.

download photos windows 11

In addition to design and functionality changes, there is another very interesting new feature. It is that apparently we will be able to expand the functions through extensions. It’s not clear how they will work, but maybe they are add-ons from other manufacturers that make the photo application more powerful.

The new app is gradually being made available. So it hasn’t appeared to all users yet. However don’t worry because you can download it on here thanks to the site Desk modder.


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