Attention Traders: Crucial Fed Data to be Released Tomorrow, Urgent Update from

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Written by Liz Muir – Stocks rose on Thursday as investors tried to navigate worries about the banking sector and looked ahead to the Federal Reserve’s next move on interest rates.

One of the main data reports the Fed will be looking at is the February inflation numbers tomorrow. Analysts expect growth in spending and consumption to slow in the period, which happened before the March banking unrest dampened sentiment further.

Futures traders are divided on the Fed’s next move. About half of them bet on a quarter-point rate hike, while the other half think the Fed will pause when it next meets in May.

By then, most of the S&P 500 stock earnings reports will be out, as investors listen to CEOs to see if their outlook for the year has changed any of them with the Fed likely nearing the end of its rate hike.

Here are three things that could affect the markets tomorrow:

1. Personal consumption expenditures price index

The Fed’s favorite inflation reading is the Personal Consumption Spending Index, which is expected to be released at (12:30 GMT – 15:30 GMT). Analysts expect , which excludes energy and food prices, to rise 0.4% from the previous month and 4.7% for the year through February.

2. Expenditure and income

Another set of numbers focuses on spending and income, also due at 8:30 ET. It is expected to increase by 0.2% for the month, and it is expected to increase by 0.3%. Both will be at a slower pace than the previous month.

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3. Michigan sentiment index

The latest University Consumer Confidence reading is due at 10:00 ET. Analysts expect the reading for March to be 63.2, which is a slight decrease from the previous reading.

markets today

A number of members of the Federal Reserve spoke, and the most important statements were as follows:

The most important statements of Thomas Parkin:

  • Not everyone should think that every banking fall means a repeat of Lehman Brothers

  • Parkin supports a rate hike of 25 basis points at the next meeting

  • It is too early to determine the size of the impact resulting from the stresses of defaulting on the banking system, whether on the level of credit or inflation

  • The Fed should be very quick in assessing the magnitude of the effects of the banking crisis on inflation

  • The fight against inflation is going to take a long time and the only way to bring down inflation is to raise rates again

Collins’ most important remarks:

  • Recent data indicates that the economy is doing better than expected

  • The banking crisis raised the risk of future expectations being wrong, but he said that existing inflation expectations indicate the Fed’s confidence in its ability to contain inflation

  • Before the banking crisis, the Fed’s visions were heading towards raising interest rates to higher levels than the current one, as it revealed the existence of tendencies to raise interest rates until the September meeting before the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

  • It is difficult for inflation to fall without the unemployment rate rising, but it is not necessary to fall into a recession in order to achieve this goal

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Commodities and stocks today

It rose today, to record $1,980 in spot transactions, an ounce, an increase of 0.80%. While futures transactions recorded $1,997 an ounce, at a rate of 0.68%.

The rise comes in light of the US decline, which recorded today 101.855, with a decline of 0.43%, in light of conflicting visions about the future of interest rates, especially after the US data that was issued today.

Follow the details:

US indices rose by the end of the day in light of the return of risk appetite.

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