“Attendance is decreasing but the fair spirit remains”

When asked about the results of the autumn fair 2022, the representatives of the fairground do not walk around the bush. “Clearly, there has been a sharp drop in attendance, indicate Karl Saguet and Karl Jardon, head of the September celebrations committee in Thionville. It’s complicated for us, it’s also complicated for visitors who, as we have heard, are limiting their leisure budget, particularly due to rising energy prices. Even in Thionville, our company feels this general climate. “

There was the parenthesis of Covid, a “pretty good” 2021 without Schuberfouer, without a fair in Thionville, Metz and Nancy – but a population largely faithful to the Thionville meeting in September -, today there is this year 2022, which weighs down everyone’s morale. However, the Karl duo prefers to see the glass half full.

Already “we have always managed to adapt, them positively. And we are lucky in Thionville to be located in the city center. Outside the city it would have been worse. The mayor assured us that he wanted to hold his carnival here. That’s why we will be back next year. “

2023 in fact. Changes are already looming.

Two days of installation, two days of disassembly

The first, in agreement with the municipality. “Mayor Pierre Cuny asked us to move and clear the Place de Liberté more quickly. That is, two days less on arrival and on our departure, so that the parking offer is less impacted ”. The seventy attractions will therefore arrive on Wednesday and no longer on Monday, and they will have to pack up faster.

Another novelty, directly linked to the ecological aspect. No more displays announcing the arrival of the convoy. “We are updating ourselves with digital and social media communication. «Without a doubt, to the two Karl, however,« see you in 2023. And let the party continue and for a long time! “

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