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Today we are bombarded with information from all directions, which leads to a lot of confusion about what really helps us to be healthy, to live better and longer.

Is it better to run a marathon or do yoga? Do we have to eat organic meat or tofu? When it comes to nutritional supplements, is it appropriate to consume or not? But what about growth hormones or resveratrol? Should we go to the gym every day or does exercise have to become a way of life? To become vegan or to continue eating meat? What helps us more: allopathic or complementary medicine?

In our daily lives, our attention is distracted from the most important things: our lifestyle and the health of ourselves and our children.

It is time to take action and analyze the way of life of the modern man who has lost his adaptation to the environment, works hard, in an environment not always healthy, does not exercise adapted to his needs and eats in a hurry, being inattentive to his condition of health.

During the event Lifestyle medicine Education, which will take place on May 16, 2017, in Bucharest, doctors and other specialists will present how to take care of your physical and mental health, what you need to do to live longer and how to be happy.

We discuss strategies for the healthy development of society, and through the power of example and success stories we contribute to education and awareness on the adoption, from an early age, of a lifestyle to live as long as possible.

Other topics addressed at the event will include early childhood education and public health policies, programs and case studies, the principles that should govern our children’s education and social skills. We find solutions together with important representatives of public authorities, UNICEF, the Step by Step foundation and those of the private environment, health clinics and foreign guests.

The event will end with two workshops held in parallel: Workshop given by Dr. Florin Ioan Balanica together with his guests, on the topic “Life that lives on me! – Survival guide for busy people”, with application the very next day and Workshop given by Prof. Mark Alter on the topic ” The road from Early Education to the skills required by the 21st century “.

Access to the event is Free, within the available seats and is based on registration.

Details about the event and access can be found on website.



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