Attacks on wolves are increasing, teaching young people to hunt

“Wolves, of whom there are maybe twenty-five in three packs in the Broumov region, have increased their activity. He teaches young people to hunt, “says Tomáš Havrlanta, commissioner of the Association of Sheep and Goat Breeders of the Czech Republic, one of the initiators of farmers’ efforts to legislate the regulated shooting of a strictly protected beast.

The attack of the wolves could have caused a tragedy in Janovice. Dozens of frightened stallions, mares and foals from the unique breeding of Czech and Moravian warmbloods broke through the electric fence and zigzagged between cars on the road between Adršpach and Jívka.

The cows have not yet been inspected

“Wolves are most likely behind it,” responded Petr Kafka from the Broumovsko Protected Landscape Area Administration.

“No one reported anything to the police,” said police spokeswoman Eva Prachařová. The incident was carried away by two grasshoppers and torn sheep. One of the mares with a badly crippled leg, the other with a superficial head injury.

“There could have been a far-reaching tragedy. I don’t even think about the idea that sleepy drivers go to work and a herd of horses in front of them, “the owner of the stud farm, Jaroslav Richter, did not hide his unrest on Wednesday.

“We haven’t had enough checks on the cows until Wednesday afternoon. We can’t get there by car. The memento may be a flock of ravens circling over their pastures from Tuesday morning, “said Petr Bartoš from the Janovice farm.

“My pastures are secured against the escape of horses, not against the attack of wolves,” Richter admitted. Safe fencing would cost the breeder over four million crowns. No guarantee the wolves won’t dig him. “I have rented most of the pastures and I don’t want to invest in foreign land,” Richter explained.

Farmers from Janovice have already lost seven foals and several calves. “I rule out theft. Pastures are connected to civilization by a difficult field road. People would notice cars capable of overcoming it. Neither the foal nor the mare can be taken. That would kill you. The wolves tactically arouse panic in the herd, divert the attention of the horses for a while and attack at the right moment, “says Bartoš.

The wolves in Božanov in the Broumov region tore down three sheep on Tuesday night. The dog crawled into the shed in the pen near the house and did not even beep in fear. “We had wolves under the windows and we didn’t know about them at all,” described the owner of the five-headed flock of sheep Miloslav Sloupenský.

“For breeders, it is not so much an economic as a psychological matter. Animals often form part of the family. A different view of wolves is from a city block of flats and a country cottage, “said the mayor of Božany, Karel Rajchrt (independent).

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