Attacks on left demos: The right wolf pack from favorites

Who are the bad guys

A debate has flared up on social media about who is campaigning against whom on the streets of Favoritner. According to political scientist Thomas Schmidinger (who maintains close contacts with Kurds), not only Kurdish, but also two left-wing Turkish associations with Alevi activists were the target of the disruptive actions.

Both sides criticize political activist Hakan Gördü, who is going to the Vienna party in October with the small party SÖZ. On the one hand, the Kurdish demonstrators, who would have demonstrated in advance for women’s rights – but in the course of which they should have been waving flags of the YPJ, an armed women’s militia of a PKK offshoot. This is a “deliberate provocation” and has lost nothing in Austria.

Gördü, who is followed by tens of thousands of Australians on Facebook, finds very clear words in a video message, but also for the rioters. Fanatics should not act on behalf of all Turks in Vienna. Because of the consequences – such as “Islamophobic measures by the federal government”, which one provokes – the entire Muslim community suffers.

Another demo on Friday

On Friday at 6.15 p.m., a left-wing rally began again in front of the Ernst Kirchweger House in Wielandgasse – under the protection of a strikingly large police force. Around 500 participants gathered in front of the autonomous center, which had been the target of attacks by Turkish nationalists over the past two nights.

At the KURIER local inspection between Reumannplatz and Keplerplatz there wasn’t (yet) much of the so-called “gray wolves” to be seen. But the police all the more. The area around the EKH was largely blocked off with step grids. Only demo participants and residents as well as journalists were granted access.

The surrounding parks, such as the Wielandpark, in which the “Gray Wolves” had repeatedly gathered over the past two nights to start their attacks, were also blocked by the police.

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