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Screenshot of a viral video circulating on social media, showing the situation of the virtual perspective by seniors with new students University Students Surabaya (Unesa) whose viral ospek video now feels depressed.

As it is busy on social media, a 30-second video clip is circulating.

Videos circulating since Monday (14/9/2020) tonight show activities ospect online college student new at a university. It turns out that the video is a piece of activity ospect daring college student new in Unesa.

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The Unesa campus logo on the top left of the video is clearly visible. Meanwhile, the bottom part of the video shows the PKKMB FIP Unesa 2020 logo. The viral video was also confirmed by the campus.

They confirmed that the video was an introduction to New Student Campus Life (PKKMB) at the Faculty of Education.

The Chancellor of Unesa, Nurhasan, regretted the incident recorded on the video.

“We regretted this incident, and there was an error in the coordination of the PKKMB implementation in one of the faculties in Unesa,” said Unesa Rector, Nurhasan.

His party has also taken action and evaluated what happened to the video.

However, students in the video actually experienced different things. According to information circulating, the students in the viral video were under a lot of pressure.

The campus did not remain silent in dealing with this case.

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“Today’s direct assistance and therapy online and face-to-face while still implementing strict health protocols,” said Head of Public Relations of Unesa, Vinda Maya Setianingrum, confirmed, Tuesday (15/9/2020) afternoon.

“The pressure was intense, both from social media to direct to private numbers,” said Vinda.

Therefore, through the Crisis Center Team from the psychology study program, his party provides cognitive therapy services that are usually provided for sufferers of mental stress.

The campus wants to ensure that these students are mentally assisted and alert so that they are ready to enter the odd semester lecture period.

Especially for the new students in the video, the campus on Wednesday will be in touch with their families.

Previously it was reported, a 30-second video clip was viral on social media since Monday (14/9/2020) night.

The video is known as an online activity for new students at the Surabaya State University (Unesa) Campus.

A new student wearing a headscarf looks scared to be yelled at by her senior because she doesn’t wear a belt. Meanwhile, the student could only say, “Sorry sis”.

Unesa confirmed that the video was an Introduction to Campus Life for New Students (PKKBM) at the Faculty of Education which was held Monday (7/9/2020) to Friday (11/9/2020).

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