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How is right-wing extremist thinking changing our society? This is the question addressed in a number of the civic education network.

How is right-wing extremist thinking changing our society? This is the question that is at stake in a number of the network for political education, announced the Protestant Dean’s office in Darmstadt-Stadt. The series starts on Tuesday, April 20, with the lecture “The fearful preachers. Right Christians in Churches and Society ”, lecturer is Liane Bednarz.

Six events are planned, which will primarily take place as zoom conferences. “The trend is worrying: for years right-wing extremist networks have been trying to profoundly change democratic society,” the announcement said. The right-wing extremists are “widely ramified, well organized, digitally and globally networked and are essentially directed against our democracy”. The conferences deal with right-wing Christian currents and right-wing extremism in security authorities, among other things.

If possible, the last two events should take place in person. The network for political education includes the VHS Darmstadt, Evangelical Adult Education, the Catholic Education Center nr30 and the Asta of the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. jon

registration under or by email to [email protected] Participation on a donation basis.

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