Attack in Zaporozhye on 6 October: there are the first victims, people are under the rubble

“One woman died. Another died in an ambulance,” he said.

At least five other people are under the rubble of the destroyed houses. The save operation continues.

“Many people have been saved. Among them is a three-year-old girl, the boy was hospitalized,” said Starukh.


The secretary of the city council of Zaporozhye Anatoly Kurtev noticedthat 10 people were injured in the attack. Eight of them are admitted to hospitals in moderate and mild severity states.

Photo: the consequences of the missile attacks on Zaporozhye (

Updated at 11:20

Alexander Staruk clarifiedthat information on the death of one of the women has not been confirmed. The doctors managed to save her. At the same time, she added that seven people were injured, including a three-year-old boy.

“There may have been many more casualties, but thanks to the timely and professional actions of Zaporizhzhya State Emergency Service operators, 21 victims have already been rescued,” Starukh stressed.

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