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Have you kept your New Year’s resolutions??

  • Until now – let’s see how long I can hold out. (2)
  • I don’t believe in resolutions. (0)
  • Except for a few small slip-ups. (1)

Are you easily distracted?

  • I would say that … oh a squirrel! (0)
  • Nothing at all brings me out of the concept. (2)
  • It all depends on the distraction. (1)

Your friend comes home with pizza and beer – but you are on a diet …

  • Then I’ll make an exception today. Once is never, is it ?! (0)
  • I eat a small slice of pizza and leave the rest to him. (1)
  • I toast him, but he can eat the greasy pizza by himself. (2)

If I plan to clean on the weekend …

  • … I’ll do it on Friday after work so that I have the rest of the weekend to myself. (2)
  • … the couch mostly thwarts my plans. (1)
  • … I’ll do it on Sunday in a fast run. (0)

You have set yourself a certain shopping budget for this month. Do you keep it too?

  • Yes, of course, it’s important to me to always have my finances under control. (2)
  • Unfortunately, that never works for me. (0)
  • I might go a little too far when I see a part that I absolutely have to have. (1)

Do you think everyone deserves a second chance?

  • No, whoever messes up once will do it again. (2)
  • Yes, in any case! (0)
  • Depends on what he’s done. (1)

You have decided to do sports regularly. Do you succeed?

  • Yes, since I’ve been training three times a week, I no longer want to live without exercise. (2)
  • Unfortunately, my weaker self is not that easy to overcome. But tomorrow. Certainly. (0)
  • I have integrated more exercise into my everyday life and try to do 1 hour of sport at least once a week. (1)
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During discussions …

  • … I insist on my point of view and assert myself. (2)
  • … I listen carefully and, if necessary, reconsider my opinion. (1)
  • … I give in when it gets too strenuous for me. (0)

Add up the dots behind your answers. The evaluation tells you how consistent you are:

0 – 5 points: Sails in the wind vs. flexible

You suffer from chronic procrastination. Consistency is a foreign word for you, because life simply offers too many great possibilities and opportunities – it is difficult for you to remain persistent or to make a decision at all. But that also has something positive! Because: Since you are always open to alternatives, you don’t get lost in anything so quickly, but rather remain flexible and open to new things. Please do not let others bend or undermine you, but stand up for yourself!

6 – 10 points: Compliant vs. empathic

You try hard to be consistent, but you don’t always want to succeed. Half as bad! Being able to give in or give someone a second chance is a good quality that you can be proud of. Even if you don’t always do everything 100 percent as you intended, you don’t feel guilty about it or even blame yourself. After all, we are all “just” human. Maintain this healthy outlook on life.

11 – 16 points: A person of action vs. stubborn

When you set out to do something, you put it into practice. Ambition is like your middle name. They love it when you can check something off on plans or lists. With your determined and persistent manner, you always try to have everything under control. Because that gives you the feeling of security that you long for. But be careful: Anyone who goes through life as consistently as you can run the risk of missing out on great opportunities. Try to take off your blinkers and broaden your perspective.

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