ATP – Benoît Paire: “I already have my head for 2022 and I feel ready” #Paire #RolandGarros #AusOpen #VillaPrimose #ATP

A few days ago, Benoît Pair published on his networks its program for the 2022 season while 2021 is barely over. The Avignon player has announced his first nine tournaments of the season. Benoît Pair as many players are already looking towards 2022 and have started their preseason. The Frenchman explained it this Wednesday to Tennis News when he had just learned Villa Primrose their first Interclub match (4-2) in Boulogne-Bilancourt Tennis Club (TCBB). Very determined, “Ben“wrote a long message a few days ago to take stock of his year and look to 2022.”2022 has always been my goal“he wrote.

Benoît Pair with Villa Primrose by Captain Roger-Vasselin

Benoît, is it perfect to end a 2021 season with the Interclubs with Villa Primrose de Bordeaux?

Yes, playing the Interclubs, I have always loved but above all it is proof for me that the 2022 season has already started. I saved the furniture in 2021 by managing to stay in the world’s 50 players. It was a complicated season for me so I want to quickly forget it because there is nothing to remember for me from this year 2021. So, yes I have the head in 2022 already and I feel ready for!

You will play before the Australian Open two preparation tournaments then afterwards towards South America and its clay courts. Before going back to hard in Acapulco and moving on to Indian Wells then Miami? A program classic enough to go scratch points on land, rather than indoors, next February?

That’s it, I managed to stay in the top 50 this season despite everything as I told you, and I have to find my ranking and the top 20 from 2022. I’m fine in my head and I have well intend to have a good year. I will be going to South America on clay for the second time. It will also be ideal for me to prepare well for Roland-Garros.

Does that mean that Roland-Garros is the 2022 goal for Benoît Paire?

Roland-Garros, it’s always a goal anyway when you’re a French player. Today, I am 32 years old so I know that I do not have 10 Roland-Garros in front of me. I have already proven that I can play it well, so yes, this Roland-Garros 2022 is in the back of my mind! We’ll see !

A final word on the Davis Cup which will start where the friends of the France team are behind closed doors in Austria? This format that you discovered in Madrid in 2019 … that’s enough, isn’t it?

Yeah … actually I don’t have much to say about Davis Cup. I’m not there and I’m not part of the team so not much to say about Davis Cup, sorry!



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