Atomic Heart Open Technology Showcase Edition with NVIDIA RTX Ray Tracing Technology Download #rtx 20 (159367)

When NVIDIA announced the Turing-based RTX 20 series at the 2018 Cologne Game Show in Germany, the Atomic Heart, which was a demonstration of the RTX ray tracing game at the time, finally made more progress. The development team Mundfish opened the RTX ray tracing on the official website. RTX Tech Demo is for players to try. Of course, this is a content that uses NVIDIA RTX technology. In principle, it needs to be run with an NVIDIA RTX 20 series or RTX 30 series graphics card. The official mentioned that although you can also try to use a GTX graphics card , But complicated ray tracing may not be performed smoothly.

▲ Atomic Heart is an open world first-person ARPG

Atomic Heart is a game developed by the Russian team Mundfish. It is a first-person action RPG game. The story is set in the presence of robots, the Internet, and holographic projection, but communism, imperialism and Western civilization continue In the world of confrontation, the protagonist will play the role of a Soviet spy officer, exploring in the open world of Russia in the overhead world. The main confrontation is the robot that was supposed to be used in the factory production line but activated the combat system for unknown reasons.

The RTX Tech Demo released this time will present the effects of light and shadow, water, shadows, etc. Although it needs to be equipped with an RTX graphics card, it does not require high CPU. It only needs to be equipped with a Core i7 3770 or higher processor. Another slightly higher requirement is Requires 16GB of RAM.


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