ATM, bad news of the summer, where we will be forced to withdraw, expensive and inconvenient

For the ATM everything changes because the banks are no longer there to maintain the branches with the current commissions and expect them to be increased heavily.

So withdrawing at the ATM will now be more expensive and more inconvenient but let’s try to understand what’s going on.


The society cash machine Spa which manages all ATMs of all Italian banks presented to thecompetition and market authority a project to change the commissions for ATM withdrawals.

Change everything and withdrawing will be inconvenient and complicated

The fact is that the current fees are too low according to the banks but they are also distributed in a penalizing way for some banks.


Few people know but the commission we pay when we predict from an ATM other than that of our bank it does not go to the bank that owns the ATM but it goes to our bank. So banks that have few ATMs and that force users to withdraw from ATMs of other institutions, they save on the branches and in addition they also collect commissions. This second Spa ATM is not fair and there will be a major overhaul. In fact, the commissions will perhaps increase until they arrive even € 3 for each withdrawal and will be paid to the ATM where we make the withdrawal.

The problem for banks and users

The problem is that the commissions will increase but above all it will not be possible to know in advance how much the commission is at the ATM we are using. So basically there will be a commission that can range from € 1 up to € 1.50 or maybe € 3 but the problem is that the user will not know before. Therefore withdrawing at the ATM will become more expensive but also more inconvenient because clearly users will try to withdraw at their bank’s ATM to avoid this nasty surprise and consequently they will have to go further. In short, a great little revolution that makes ATMs more uncomfortable but above all more expensive and less transparent.

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How to withdraw

But there is also the problem with ATMs they are disappearing all over Italy because they are expensive to manage for banks and many institutions no longer want to keep them standing. Even in some small Italian villages there is no longer even an ATM.

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