Atltico now wears Adidas: see prices for shirts and other items

photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Atltico made official partnership with Adidas this Friday (1)

Atltico made the partnership with Adidas official, this Friday (1), and has already started selling the products in stores. See, below, the price of the items made available by the sports distributor.

  • Shirt I (male): R$ 299.99
  • Shirt II (male): R$ 299.99
  • Goalkeeper jersey I (men): R$ 299.99
  • Shirt I (female): BRL 299.99
  • Shirt II (female): not yet announced
  • Goalkeeper jersey I (female): not yet announced
  • Shirt I (children): BRL 249.99
  • Athletes training shirt (men): R$ 199.99
  • Technical commission training shirt (men): R$ 199.99
  • Concentration T-shirt (men): R$ 149.99
  • Short I (masculino): R$ 149,99
  • Short II (masculino): R$ 149,99

product disclosure

Atltico published a video, this Friday (1), promoting the new products. Players from the male and female Galo team and former athletes from the club participated in the recording.

The home kit has the shirt with black and white stripes, the black sleeve and the traditional three Adidas lines on the shoulder. The black shoe, as well as the middle, both with the symbol of Adidas, in addition to the stripes of the German brand.

Uniform number two has white and gray stripes, with the black stripes on the shoulder of the shirt, the side of the shoe and the upper part of the middle.

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