Atlético Sedaví’s Alevín “B” wins the league

The Alevín “B” of the At. Sedaví won his second league championship of the 2021-22 season at the Camp Municipal d’Esports, in 2nd Year C Group 7 after beating Torrent CF “E” by 9-1and that is added to the one obtained by the Alevín “A” several days ago.

It so happens that the competition had been very close at the top of the classification and the At. Sedaví needed the victory to take the league, since in the classification it was surpassed by At. Del Turia with a three point lead and one more match.

Lhe Sedavian victory tied both teams in the standings with seventy-five points and left Deutsche Schule Valencia “A” third with seventy-four. To resolve the title, they had to go to the particular coefficient between the first two, in which Fernando García’s team tied at two at Pont de Fusta and won 4-1 in Sedaví.

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